Thursday 11 April 2013

Medan Travel Part 13: The Journey From Parapat To Sipisopiso

The journey from Parapat to Sipisopiso was not altogether a boring one. The road is mostly narrow and winding but the diversity in agricultural activities is interesting to watch. Lake Toba was also in view for a very long stretch of the road, confirming its enormity.
Photo above shows a peninsular-like piece of land protruding into the lake. This "little peninsular" has the shape of a sleeping camel. It was a spectacular view from where we stood.
We passed by many farms, orchards and oil palm estates. Photo above shows a coffee tree.
A maize farm.
A cabbage farm.
We broke our journey to have tea at this halfway restaurant in Simarjarunjung. I love the weather here. For the first time since my arrival, I got to enjoy some cool refreshing air.
This restaurant is popular for its spicy tea and fried banana fritters.
The spicy tea or bandrek as it is locally called is tea with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, etc. and because it is pungent it may not be palatable to some.
The banana fritters were excellent but we were not used to drinking this type of tea.
We were finally at Sipisopiso. This is a viewpoint for Sipisopiso Waterfall and the last viewpoint for Lake Toba.
Our last look at the beautiful lake. Beyond this zone, Lake Toba will no longer be visible.
This is Sipisopiso Waterfall.
It looks like the water is gushing out from an underground tunnel.
Where there are tourists there will be stalls selling souvenirs, etc.
From here we headed for Berastagi, a hilly town. 

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