Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Medan Travel Part 9: Travelling To Parapat

Parapat is a small town at the edge of Lake Toba. It is the main transit point for visitors going to Samosir Island.  As there is no airport in Parapat, the only way to get there is land transportation. Even though it is only 180 km away from Medan the journey takes close to 6 hours, with a lunch stop. Travelling is not comfortable as the road is narrow and at a few stretches, winding and bumpy with potholes that are yet to be repaired.
Map of Parapat, Samosir island and Lake Toba.
Parapat is about 2800 ft above sea level but it was extremely hot when we arrived  in the early evening. It was a little cooler in the early morning but you do not really need a sweater here.
There is not much economic activities in this lakeside town. Photo above show Jalan SM Raja. We had lunch at a restaurant here before going back to Medan.
Among the dishes served were some fish from Lake Toba.
A few men seen fishing by the lake.
Bounded by the hills and lake and still relatively unspoilt,  Parapat is indeed a lovely town.
We were going to stay in Toledo Inn, Samosir Island. The inn has sent a boat to Parapat to take us across.
These children were waiting near the boat begging us to throw some money into the lake. As some of us did that, they displayed their diving and swimming skills by successfully retrieving the money thrown in. Of course, the money is now theirs.

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ZeTtY said...

hi, wanna ask u, do u hire local tour guide / driver in Medan? Do u still have their contact info by any chance?

Lily... said...

No, we were on a package tour. To hire a driver from Medan to bring you to Lake Toba may be a bit costly as they are 6 hours apart. That means you will have to pay meal allowance and lodging for the driver as well. We utilised Narasindo.

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