Saturday 28 September 2013

Fraser's Hill Part 6: Things To Do In Fraser's Hill

Fraser's Hill is definitely not a place for hyperactive or activity oriented people. It is however a good getaway for those who just want to relax and don't mind doing nothing.
Nevertheless I've listed a few activities you can do if you are going there for the first time.

1. Just drive around the entire hill and see colonial style bungalows.
Fraser's Hill is just a small place and it takes only an hour with pit stops to drive around the entire hill. There are many buildings built during the the colonial era and some of these are quite charming.
While some bungalows are private residences, some are available for rent to the public.

A bungalow with Tudor charm. 

2. Do some jungle trekking and shed that extra kilo.
Listed here are 8 different jungle trails of varying distances. Some bring their binoculars along to watch birds or other flora and fauna in the jungle. 
The most challenging trail is the Pine Tree Trail. Heard some people got lost along this trail before.
Kindersley Trail is one of the shorter trail that can be completed in 10 minutes

3. Visit The Paddock 
The Paddock is just a small place where you can ride horses or try your hand at archery.

This is the stable where old race course horses are kept.

4. Admire The Flowers & Do Flower Photography
These are some of the flowers seen during my visit. To see more, click  Flowers of the hill.   Flowers can be seen everywhere but most are seen at the Tourism Complex which is located at the town square.

5. Visit Allan's Water for paddle boating or water ball fun.

6. Have a look at Taman Flora ( just adjacent to Allan's Water)
I said "have a look" instead of  "visit" as this place is very run down. But since it's just next to Allan's Water, it's good to see what this place has to offer.
Strawberries are grown here but in a very small scale.
The strawberries look small and I "think" they are sour too.
This place could have been better managed to make it a tourist attraction but there is obvious lack of effort to do so.

7.Play golf if you are an avid golfer.
There is a golf club and this is a great place to play golf as the weather is so cool.

8. Stroll along Fraser's Hill Town & enjoy its uniqueness.

9. Watch the sunset

10. Visit Jeriau Waterfall
This place is 15 km away from the town area and from where you park your car, you are required to walk some distance before you reach the waterfall.

11. Sit on the benches, enjoy the cool and just do nothing.
Nice colourful benches like these are placed in many places in town and some are even placed along quiet roads leading out of the town square.

If I have missed out on any other thing, you can check this activity board which is displayed at the information centre located in Puncak Inn.

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