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My Taiping Trip Part 2: Hawkers' Food Galore

I occasionally pine for Penang hawkers' food and would make a trip to Penang just to satiate this gastronomical longing. I discover I don't have to travel that far north anymore as Taiping hawkers' food can really match up to the best available in Penang. It is also a place where you can eat and eat and the purse is slow to run dry as the food is still unbelievably cheap.
Larut Matang Food Court located at Jalan Panggung Wayang is probably the best place to hunt for hawkers' food during the day time. This food court is however closed by early evening.
Comprising more than 120 stalls selling a variety of local favourites, one will definitely be spoilt for choice here.
This Mee Rebus at RM3.50/plate is one of the best I have ever tasted. The fiery sambal paste (the brown paste near the egg) gave it the added oomph and made the taste quite unforgettable.
(All prices of food quoted may be subject to change)
 This is the mee rebus vendor. He must have been a seasoned hand at this specialty.
The Char Kway Teow from Stall No 46 priced at RM3 /plate is fragrant and not bad. We gave this a rating of 7/10.
This rojak from Stall No 56 is just average for me. It lacks "otak udang" and "belacan"
two very vital ingredients to make good fruit rojak.
We noticed a big crowd at stall No 47: many either dined-in or queued to take away. 
Curiosity got the better of us and the next day we were back to try the food ourselves.
The stall sells chicken porridge (RM2.80/bowl) which we gave a rating of 8/10. 
Stall No 47 also sells kway teow (soup & dry version) at RM 2.80/plate. We rate this plate of dry kway teow  7/10.
Slightly less than half the food court are for vendors catering for the Muslim population. This stall sells popia at 60sen/ piece. My rating for it is 6/10.
We came here to search for food at night. This food court is just next to Prima Kopitiam at Jalan Taming Sari.
The crispy popia at RM1.60/piece was a good appetizer.
The claypot chicken rice at RM5/pot was not bad either.
This kway teow soup at RM3.80/bowl was OK but not that unforgettable.
Our quest for good cendol brought us to this humble looking restaurant at Jalan Chung Thye Pin.
Operated by Indian Muslims (or Mamaks) Ansari Restaurant sells cendol, mee goreng and Indian rojak. We tried the cendol (RM1.30/ bowl) and gave it a rating of 8/10.
A short distance of 50 metres away is another stall famous for its cendol. This stall called "Bismillah" is located at Jalan Barrak.
Priced at RM1.30/bowl this tasted very much like the one is Ansari but fell short by just half a point. Our rating for this is 7.5/10.
Taman Tasik Food Court is another food haven. The food here is slightly more expensive than those in Larut Matang Food Court.
The prawn mee at RM4/bowl was awesome.
A variety of fritters (RM4.60 for this plate) from the Penang Lobak Stall was also a good choice.
The grilled chicken wings (RM2.20 each) were savoury and nice.
This oyster omelette (RM5.50) was a tad too dry and could not match the ones I had in Muar or Penang.
This is Taiping Food Court. We made three attempts to try the Chee Cheong Fun at Stall No 37 but had no luck as it was closed. That will have to wait till our next trip.

[We finally got to taste this months later. Click to view : Chee Cheong Fun At Stall 37 in Taiping Once Again]

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albina N muro said...

Hawker food galore,,Latest News, Local Top Stories, Highlighted News, Breakings, Malaysia Food.

Anonymous said...

you should try the curry wantan mee at taiping food court, they usually open early morning and is closed by wantan mee ever

Lily... said...

You should have told me earlier. I just came back from visiting Taiping again not too long ago. What's the stall no, by the way?

Anonymous said...

Chee Cheong Fun at Stall No 37 only opens during morning

Lily... said...

I finally got to try it during my recent trip. I'll write about it soon.

Anonymous said...

hi, the taiping food court is it same sa larut matang hawker centre? mind to share the location or GPS of the taiping food court?

Lily... said...

No they are different. The one with more choices is Larut Matang Food Court. Taiping Food Court is famous for its chee cheong fan. Taiping is so small you won't have any problem finding them no need GPS. Can even walk from one place to the other. Happy eating! Do see all my Taiping posts to find out.

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