Sunday, 20 October 2013

My Taiping Trip Part 3: Taiping Heritage Trail

Taiping which was once upon a time the state capital of Perak is a town steeped in history. The British made it the administrative centre of Perak in 1875 and the town served this function until 1937 after which the state capital was moved to Ipoh. 
It has since inherited many historical buildings some of which are solid colonial-style structures that will remain the pride of Taiping residents for generations to come.
Taiping is a small town and it wasn't much of a hassle to drive around in search of these heritage buildings.
The Larut Matang District Office is a Victorian-style building built in 1897.
The Larut Matang District Office looking majestic when lit-up at night.
 King Edward VII National School was built in 1883 to house its first 13 students.
St Louis Church was built in 1899.
Kota Road Convent School was built in 1938.
The Perak Museum which is the first and oldest museum in Malaysia was founded in 1883. This building is a beautiful legacy of British colonialism.
St George's Secondary School (1915) was one of the oldest schools in Taiping.
 The Hokkien association Building built in 1931 served as a clan house for the early settlers who migrated from the Fujian Province in China.
Taiping Prison is the oldest prison in Malaysia.
It was built in 1879 and still used as a prison till this day.
It is hard to miss these old shop houses if you stroll along Taiping town. It is however in need of a makeover.
The Taiping War Memorial was created after World War II to commemorate 850 allied soldiers who died in the war. Out of these only 329 were identified and the others remained unknown.

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Unknown said...

Thanks - it's indeed informative, but you missed on the 1st girls' school. Lady Treacher Girls’ School (Treacher Methodist Girls' School) was the first English girls’ school in the Federated Malay States and was established in 1889 in Taiping, Perak, it was first named as English Government Girls’ School. The school’s establishment was much devoted to Lady Treacher who was the wife of the then British Resident of Perak, Sir William Hood Treacher.

Lily... said...

Thanks I didn't know that. I will go around and see it my next trip.

Swathi said...

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