Wednesday 8 January 2014

Things To Do In Kolkata Part 2: Visiting Queen Victoria Memorial Hall

Queen Victoria Memorial Hall is a stately, spacious monumental and grand building surrounded by an exquisite garden on a 64 acre piece of land. This building which was built to commemorate the then late Queen Victoria is also a museum which exhibits photos and statues of men who played a prominent role in the History of India.

Constructed in 1906 and opened in 1921, this stupendous structure marks the supremacy of the British Empire in Kolkata during the Pre-World War II Era.
On the way to the north gate is the bronze statue of Queen Victoria.
 The Queen is seated on the throne wearing the robes of the Star of India 
Approaching the building from the south visitors will pass King Edward VII Memorial Arch with a bronze Statue of the king on a horse.
The garden at the main entrance
The murals under the statue of Queen Victoria
Another mural
The Curzon Lawn
The Statue Of Lord Curzon - the man who mooted the idea of this memorial hall
Queen Victorial Memorial Hall is remarkably built using white marble. [just like Taj Mahal]
Do take time to observe the details of the building in the following photos.
Angel of Victory
The ornate architectural details and designs would leave one in total awe. 
Another facade of the building.
The lions
The garden is a favorite hangout for visitors.
There is a hive of activities just outside the memorial hall. Beautifully decorated horse carriages were eagerly waiting to be rented.

Useful Information: Entrance fees Rs150 per person (for foreigners)
                                   Opening Hours: Everday except Mondays and National Holidays.

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