Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Kalimpong Travel Part 1: Walking The Streets Of Kalimpong

Kalimpong is a hill station in the lesser Himalayas. Like Darjeeling, it is located in the Indian State of West Bengal and is characterized by narrow, winding roads and buildings perched on hill slopes. Like Darjeeling too, it is called "Gorkhaland" by its dwellers who are mostly of Nepali ethnicity. It is however warmer as it stands at an elevation of 4100 feet, much lower than Darjeeling.
The Clock Tower Of Kalimpong
A very narrow street.
A shop selling all types of pickles.
The jeep - a common mode of public transport.
Fruit & Vegetable Vendors by the walkway.
A woman selling snacks at the marketplace.
The Chow Mein & Momos, two favourite cuisines among the locals.
The market of Kalimpong
A shopping street
Street musicians
Mangaldham - a Hindu Temple with an unusual design.

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