Wednesday 1 January 2014

Kalimpong Travel Part 4: The Exotic Cactus Collection Of Pineview Nursery

The Pineview Nursery, located at Atisha Road about 2km from Kalimpong town claims to have the largest collection of cacti in the whole of Asia. I can't deny my visit to this nursery left me totally impressed.
 The cacti are grown in thick polythene covered "hothouses".
The owner of the nursery not only exhibits his exotic cacti collection (for a fee) but also runs a budget resort within the same premise.
The cacti are from India, Africa, The Mediterranean, Jamaica, Cuba, North and South America. 
Wow! Such beauty.
Totally mesmerizing
To see beautiful flowers growing out of thorny, unfriendly cactus really evoked unspeakable admiration from us.
We each had one camera and soon we were challenging to see who takes better pictures of these cacti.
Even bananas grown here are pretty.
The roses grown outside the hothouses were equally charming.
We enjoyed this visit very much. Pineview Nursery is definitely a "Must-See".

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