Friday, 10 January 2014

Things To Do In Kolkata Part 6: Tasting Kolkata Food

Food is always an integral part of travelling and it never fails to interest me to see what the locals eat. I didn't spend that many days in Kolkata to try all the popular cuisines available but I did manage to taste a fair bit of Kolkata food.
The chicken biryani in Axis Mall Food Court (in New Town, Kolkata) is somewhat different from the biryani in Malaysia. We get biryani served with thick curries or dhall curry but the biryani here is served with a bowl of yoghurt sauce. It is unique but I prefer the Malaysian version.
Axis Mall, New Town, Kolkata
This gravy noodle is no match to a similar Malaysian version too.
BBQ chicken at Axis Mall Food Court, New Town, Kolkata was savory and nice.
The chicken tikka roll from the same food court was not too bad. The caramel machiatto however was excellent.
The Tibetan momos or dumplings is a popular food here, judging from the crowd at this momos restaurant in Sir Stuart Hogg Market.
The steamed vegetable momos were piping hot , nice and cheap.
This is a restaurant we "simply" walked in to dine. Sarang Restaurant in New Market area serves fast food, North and South Indian cuisines.
It looks delicious but to be frank, it was bland. A good lesson learnt is  if you do not know where to eat, watch out for a crowd. The locals know best where to find good food and there is a high chance the food would be good if there is a crowd.
The rice in Sarang was bland and so were the puris and curry served with it.
Street vendors selling puni puri are seen in almost every nook and corner of town.
To make puni puri, the filling is squeezed and mixed with hands and filled into the puffy puri which is later dipped into a soupy gravy and served on paper bowls.
I did not try this as I did not like the way it was prepared. A patron of the stall was kind enough to let me snap a photo of the puri she was about to eat.
And suddenly here's something that looks so neat and clean. This is a sample breakfast cuisine served in the hotel I was staying in (The Pride, New Town , Kolkata)
Breakfast in The Pride Hotel
We also had buffet dinner in The Pride (approx RM50 per pax) and the food was fantastic.
Dinner at The Pride Hotel, Kolkata

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