Sunday 19 April 2015

Tasmania Travel Pt 15: Visiting Historic Port Arthur

We departed Tasman National Park and headed south for Port Arthur. Accorded a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012, Port Arthur is steeped in history and a 'Must-See' for anyone touring Tasmania. 
Port Arthur was formerly a convict settlement (1833 - 1877), housing the most hard-core of secondary criminals. It was considered an ideal prison site as the chance of escape is next to impossible here. This historical site  comprises more than 30 structures built by the convicts and other substantial ruins. Many structures have fallen apart and conservation work is being actively undertaken to fortify the place.

A tour around the site is like a tour back in time. 
The penitentiary which was originally built as a flour mill (1843) and later converted to a penitentiary(1857)  has a capacity of 480 convicts in dormitory accommodation.
The roofs have fallen apart. What are left are just walls.

Port Arthur's dark history contrasts with the stark beauty of the surrounding areas. It looks picturesque from almost every viewpoint and is a great place for photography.

The separate prison was built in 1850 after flogging gave way to solitary confinement as a form of punishment.
The prison cell

This is a convicts' church. Here the convicts stand at very narrow columns of space with only their heads shown during church services.
Exercise yard for convicts

This structure which used to be a hospital (built in 1841-42) is now a charismatic ruin sitting on the hill overlooking the settlement.

Port Arthur's Asylum is now a museum.
Historic house on the settlement.

A church built by convicts (1836-37)

The scenic prison ground.
Not to be missed is the reconstructed Commandant's Garden. A walk here is a real delight as the flowers are bountiful and beautiful.
Some of the flowers seen. 

The crystal clear water of the surrounding sea.
A 25 minutes Harbour Cruise aboard MV Marana is available for interested tourists.
Inside the ferry.
Scenery on board the ferry
Scenery on board the ferry
Isle Of The Dead (also called Opossum Island) is a small island near Port Arthur where soldiers and convicts were buried. A separate ticket can be purchased to tour this island.

Passengers alighting the ferry for Point Puer Boys' Prison Tour.

The various tours and entrance fees as at time of travel.

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