Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tasmania Travel Pt 9: Exploring Launceston

I am now in Launceston, the 2nd largest city of Tasmania. It may be the 2nd largest but with a population of slightly over a hundred thousand it is really nothing more than a large country town. It is not a happening place and is unusually quiet most time of the day.
Launceston being the third oldest city in Australia however, does have a distinctive ambiance and a historical charm. There is a vast array of historical buildings dating back to the the 19th century which have escaped the tide of progress and development. 
The Victorian and Georgian style architecture seen in these old buildings is awesome and worth the time admiring. These are some of the buildings I see on a heritage trail around the city.
Cameron Street where I am staying is spectacular as it is lined with many old but very beautiful buildings.
Launceston Post Office at Cameron Street - Built in 1888-89. The tower was added in 1903
Launceston Post Office - Interior
The Australian Mutual Provident Society building at Cameron Street - opened in 1892.
 Crown Mill, Cameron St - 1897
Albert Hall at the corner of Tamar St and Cameron St - 1891
Old hotels at George Street
Lloyds Hotel, George Street - 1887
The building on the far left (Batman Fawkner Inn), Cameron Street - 1824
George Street is one of the busier streets as there are many eateries here.
Old Umbrella Shop, George Street - built in the 1860s as a grocery store.  Is now a souvenir shop and still displays umbrellas from the 19th century.
Inside Old Umbrella Shop
Shops at George Street
Barber Shop at George St.
Italian restaurant at George Street
George Street at night.
The white building at the corner - 1909
Former Peter Mills Furnishing Warehouse  - 1889  (Notice the 3 statues on this building)
Statue of Diana, Roman Goddess Of Hunting and Nature 
Statue of Venus the Goddess of Love And Beauty
Brisbane Street
The Launceston Northern Club, Cameron Street
Streets are often this quiet. 
And this quiet.
Holy Trinity Anglican Church - 1892
Holy Trinity Anglican Church - another facade
Holy Trinity Anglican Church- another facade
A more contemporary property - Marillac House in Brisbane Street.
Yorktown Square - a more recent establishment
Shops and restaurants at Yorktown Square.

An Italian Restaurant at Yorktown Square 
Junction of Tamar and Cameron Streets.

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