Friday 3 April 2015

Tasmania Travel Pt 7: Seeing Hobart On Foot

The best way to explore a place at a leisurely pace is to walk.  Walking is also a good way to get an intimate look of the the local culture and lifestyle  and to view things up close. This post features some of the places I see while doing a few walking tours around Hobart.

1) The Central Business District (CBD)
Murray Street
Macquarie Street
Macquarie Street
Post Office at junction of Elizabeth Street and Macquarie Street
Collin Street
Collin Street
Liverpool Street
Collin Street
Murray Street
Elizabeth Mall

2) The Parks
     There are many public parks within the city. These parks are clean and well                 managed. Below are the few that I visited.
St David's Park
St David's Park
Franklin's Square
Franklin's Square
Parliment Square

3) The Piers And The Wharfs
    The hotel I stayed for the first 2 nights is just across the piers and wharfs area. The following photos are taken during our strolls there.
The 'Diamond Princess' cruise ship docked a number of days at the wharf.
Boats for sale are displayed along this pier.
Availbale here are a number of seafood kiosks.
 Most items are fried stuffs.
Another restaurant.
The Diamond Princess beautifully lit at night

4) The Residential Areas
After returning from Launceston, I stayed in Marquis Hotel Motel which is located slightly away from the city centre. These photos are taken while walking around the residential area near the hotel.
Mount Wellington and the tower are clearly visible from here.
Many homes have beautiful gardens in Hobart.
A house with a cosy garden.

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