Sunday 12 April 2015

Tasmania Travel Pt 14: The Natural Wonders Of Tasman Peninsula

This is the third and the last day of our tour in Tasmania. Our first venue is Tasman National Park in Tasman Peninsula and we are going for a nature walk along the rugged clifftop overlooking Tasman Sea. 
Before starting the walk, we stop to view Pirate's Bay from Pirate's Bay Drive.
Pirate's Bay
We proceeded to Pirate's Bay Lookout which offers a better unhindered view of the bay and the scenery beyond. There is somewhat a mythical charm about the scenery we see.
'Waterfall Bay Clifftop Walk' is quite an easy walk with no steep gradient or tedious long stairs. This walk turns out to be one of the most spectacular and memorable nature walk I've ever experienced in my life.
Walking through the woods at the clifftop, we see interesting floras like this blue berries ?#@*?. 
and pretty flowers here and there.
The cliffs tower many metres high and seem to plummet vertically into the sea.
Multiple viewing platforms are erected along the trails providing fantastic views of the scenic coastline which the peninsula is renowned for.
The wonder of nature is mind blowing indeed.
This unusual formation is called  'Devil's Kitchen'  (Wonder why the Tasmanian loves to use the Devil name).
Tunnels through the solid cliff carved out over the years by the relentless sea.
There are always new surprises at every lookout point along the track.
Amazing geological formation!
A very spectacular formation we see at the end of our trail is Tasman Arch. We left the cliffs feeling so.....oo  impressed.
Photos displayed are not all in chronological order.

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