Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tasmania Travel Pt 10: City Park, A Must See In Launceston

A major attraction of Launceston is 'City Park'. Located in the heart of the city and barely 200 metres from Batman Fawkner Inn where I stay,  this park is well known among other things for its monkeys. After checking into the hotel, we took a quick lunch and hurried to the park as we didn't want to miss seeing the Japanese Macaque which we have never seen before except on TV. 
Have to hurry as the monkey enclosure is closed by 4.30pm even though the park remains open till later. 
These monkeys which are native to Japan are also called snow monkeys as they are found living in colder regions where heavy snowfall is common.
The colony of macaques in City Park is indeed a gift from Japan. The entrance into the park and the monkey enclosure is absolutely free. 
This amusing behaviour did evoke a smile.
The park features a small conservatory with a moderate but pretty display of floral and leafy plants.
Inside John Hart Conservatory.
Inside John Hart Conservatory.
Outside the conservatory
Outside the conservatory
There is a lovely duck pond even though we didn't see many ducks that day.
A highlight of the park is Jubilee Fountain, erected in 1887 to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.
"Shhhh, let me admire this beautiful monument".
City Park Rotunda.
This cannon, one of the 4000 pieces of ordnance captured during the Crimean War with Russia is now a feature of the park.
This memorial is erected in the park to commemorate Launceston's Boer War between South Africa And the British (1880-1881).
A unique looking tree within the park.
An old tree in the park.
 Statue of Ronald Campbell Gunn, a renowned Tasmanian botanist.
In front of  former gatekeeper's lodge, now a radio museum.
City Park Radio Museum
At the entrance to City Park.
The beautiful Albert Hall, located at the edge of City park.

Photo Gallery: The Flowers Of City Park To Feast Your Eyes.

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