Monday, 10 August 2015

Outside The Walled Town Of Assisi

Assisi is not entirely walled. There is a newer part of the city we visited where we could see modern buildings, McDonald's etc. This place is located at the foot of Assisi hills about 5km from the fortified town.

We were on our way to visit another famous basilica. Passing by a modern apartment I was 'seduced' by these clusters of flowers dangling from a stairs. That was just like me, flowers have always been my Achilles' heel.
We could see the basilica with its huge dome from afar. It must be a humongous structure.
We passed by some roadside stalls selling garments and other stuffs.
Basilica Santa Maria Degli Angeli is indeed a very big basilica (church) sitting on a very expansive square.
Standing on the roof is a golden statue of Madonna Degli Angeli.
Like most other basilicas or churches in Italy, Basilica Santa Maria Degli Angeli has a beautiful interior. This basilica was built to engulf a very small chapel called the Porziuncola which has great religious significance. It was in this chapel that St Francis of Assisi decided to consecrate his life in total obedience to The Gospel. This is a very sacred chapel and one where Catholic Christians visit to do pilgrimage. Even though the basilica was constructed between 1579 to 1679 the chapel is much older.
Photography was not allowed in a major part of the interior but we managed to capture some beautiful works of art within the compound.  

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