Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Lovely Homes Of Assisi

Assisi is a small town in Italy that has virtually escaped the ruthless tide of modernisation. This medieval town is amazingly well preserved and its ancient architecture left almost intact. Even though it is lesser known in comparison to Rome or Venice, it is definitely not less astonishing or charming.
Taking a walk around the town, I was truly bowled over. This place is authentic to the core and I simple love it. 
Assisi may be a small town but when walking was our only mode of transport, it doesn't seem that small after all.  We were a little adventurous and wandered off into the smaller and quieter alleys and it was worth our while as we found a treasure trove of lovely Assissi homes.The houses are completely made of stones and are unique in many ways. They also look like the ones I often admire in travel magazines, only difference now is we are the photographers.
Many home facades are adorned with planters and flowers, creepers and vases.

Very alluring from the outside but how I wish I could visit an Assisi home and see the inside as well.
Miraculously my wish came true. This sweet Italian lady invited Ron and I to her lovely home which she inherited from her ancestors and showed us around. The house has a setting that is rather quaint with twist and turns and rooms at unexpected places. It is furnished with beautiful Italian furniture and the ceiling in the living room which has paintings of flowers is simply gorgeous.
Want to know the story about how we got invited??
Because Assissi is built on the slope of a mountain (Mount Subasio), the town is very undulating. Cars are not allowed in some pedestrian zones.  This lady had some problem carrying a huge watermelon up a flight of stairs that leads to her home. Sympathizing with her, Ron gave a helping hand. She was so grateful for the kind act that she invited us in. And that was how I got to see the inside of an ancient Assisi home.

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