Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Beautiful Shops Of Assisi

Walking around the walled town of Assisi we came across many shops, restaurants and hotels that look so captivating because of their unique and unusual setting. 
Assisi is full of lovely offbeat boutiques that would make your heads turn even if you have no intention to shop. These boutiques would display some of their selected products outside the premise in such a way it stimulates an interest and entices customers to make a purchase or at least walk near to gaze at what's on display.
Even an avid non-shopper like me got tempted... ahaa.....but just to snap a photo.
Hand painted ceramics, traditional pottery, religious keepsakes, fashion accessories, hand woven textiles and plenty more cute and peculiar items can be found if you slowly scout around.
And lots of tempting foodstuffs too.

Tired from walking, you can always take a break. Have ice-cream at an ice-cream store or seep a drink at a restaurant.
A restaurant in a cozy corner of a street.
A bigger restaurant at the main town square.
Another restaurant
A hotel just outside the walls.
A hotel at a quieter street.

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