Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sightseeing In Monaco

Monaco is a tiny sovereign nation in Europe bordered by France and the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second smallest country in the world after Vatican City. With a land size of only 2 square km, one can literally jog around the whole country in less than an hour (I will probably take much longer as it is very undulating)
Though small in land area, Monaco is a wealthy nation with one out of every three residents being a millionaire. 
Monaco is divided into 4 regions. I visited two of them namely Monaco Ville and Monte Carlo. These are glimpses of the places I visited.
We caught a nice view of the harbour as we were approaching our destination as the highway is on an elevated plain.
Monaco is a modern country with many high-rise and state of the art highways.
It is a haven for the rich who can afford lavish lifestyle, owning expensive yachts and luxury cars.
We went to get a good view of Oceanographic Museum before walking to visit it. This museum of marine sciences which is located at Monaco Ville is built at the edge of a cliff using 100000 tons of stones.
Oceanographic Museum from the front.
The museum is a remarkable building with very intricate details.
Not too far away is St Nicholas Cathedral where Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III got married. It is also the place where they were buried.
Palais de Justice is another beautiful building with an amazing architecture.
We passed by Saint-Martin Garden which looks like a popular place for wedding photography.
 Saint-Martin Garden is bordered by the sea.
These are glimpses of modern apartments in the locality.
And this must be a posh residential area.
A short but tiring walk up a few slopes brought us to Casino Square. We are now in another region called Monte Carlo.
Casino Square is a very happening place and a favorite tourist hangout.
Monte Carlo Casino, located on the square is one of the world's oldest prominent casinos. Opened in 1863, it is also reputed to be one of the world's grandest gambling dens and Monaco's most iconic building.
The amazing details of the casino.
Details of Monte Carlo Casino
Details of Monte Carlo Casino
A place for the rich to splurge.
On the left hand side of the casino is the robust Cafe de Paris, a good place to sit, drink and watch people.
On the right of the casino is the grandest hotel in Monaco. Hotel de Paris was opened in 1863 and has 187 luxurious rooms and suites.
The Pavillions of Monte Carlo is a shopping complex where one can get luxury brands. They are uniquely designed and looks like white mushrooms sprouting from the ground.
There are a few other casinos in Monaco. Shown here is Sun Casino, a short walking distance from Monte Carlo Casino.

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