Thursday, 6 August 2015

Assisi: Exploring The Streets Of Assisi.

Assisi is a very interesting and unique town and one that we could not finish exploring in a single day. It is walled but there are many gates (porta) from which you can enter. Visitors normally leave their vehicles outside the gates as there are strict rules on traffic and parking within the town wall (e.g. parking at a historical site is limited to only an hour) Furthermore there are many pedestrianized zones that do not allow vehicles through. Because of this limitation, most visitors who visit Assisi are left with little choice but to walk. But walking isn't easy as Assisi is built on a mountain slope and many streets are rather steep. 
Walking the slopes especially on that hot summer day really drained us of our energy but there is one big consolation. Along the cobblestone-paved streets we got to see charming sites and buildings that virtually took us back to the good old medieval times. 
We entered the town through this gate called Porta San Francesco. 
Not too far from the gate we passed by this beautiful street. The buildings are really appealing to the eyes.They are different and not something we get to see in most other towns or cities. This corner 3 storey building is really an eye catcher. The ground floor is a shop and the upper floors are probably residence.
This is an interesting V intersection where the street on the right is very steep.
This is a very quiet alley. The buildings on opposite sides of this alley are linked by a cute short bridge.
This is another alley where opposite sides of the buildings are linked.
Some streets are very winding.
This is a very narrow pedestrian-only alley.
Some streets will lead you to town squares which are usually more lively and happening. Piazza Santa Chiara (pic above) is one of the town squares we visited.

The main town square is Piazza del Commune which is located in the heart of Assisi town. There are a number of restaurants, shops and prominent historical sites worthy of visiting here.
Restaurants and shops at Piazza Del Commune
The Fountain of Three Lions and shops at Piazza del Commune
This street is passable by cars but it is an exceptionally quiet street.
Streets wind and turn and we got lost a few times.
The is the  main street outside the walled town.

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