Thursday, 24 March 2016

Norway Part 9: Thon Hotel, Kirkenes

While at Kirkenes, we stayed in Thon Hotel.
Thon Hotel is located at the edge of town and it takes only about 5 minutes to walk to the shops and restaurants there.
It actually sits on the bank of a fjord and by virtue of this location, commands a refreshing and marvelous panorama of the calm sea and surrounding highlands beyond. 
Just to hang out at the hotel ground was invigorating as the air and more so the views couldn't be better.
The reception lobby, the in-house restaurant and bar are all located on the ground floor. Glad that the reception staffs we encountered were very friendly and approachable.  
The restaurant is designed with see-through windows around it enabling one not only to enjoy the food but to savour the calming scenery as well.
The bar, though not that impressive serve its guests well I presume.
We stayed in standard rooms where there are no coffee and tea making or boiling water facilities but the beverages you may need are available free on the lobby floor.
The standard room I stayed in has 2 rather small twin beds. Though the room lacks spaciousness, it felt cozy. I also love the contemporary setting, and the colour scheme which makes it quite stylish.
The spacious washroom came as a surprise. Toiletries provided are basic though: towels, shampoo and bath gel only.
There is a separate shower cubicle. Room and washroom cleanliness is more than satisfactory. All gadgets functioned well and I had a good sleep, making this a very comfortable stay indeed. Though there are no water boiling facilities, wireless internet is complimentary.
This is the view from my room. It is not great compared to the view of the fjord but still it is something I don't get to see back home; snow and snow covered buildings which I really appreciate.  The superior rooms which cost more to stay have views facing the fjord and boiling water facilities, so 'What you pay is what you get' is a fair statement.

Hotel Dining
Had a three course meal for dinner on the day we arrived. The first course which is the soup was rather oily though the taste was not bad.
Our patience wore out waiting for the main meal to be served. It took ages before our beef and rice dish was brought to the table. If this is the epitome of a Laplander meal I may not pine for it ever again as the meal was a let down.
Again it took a long time before we were served the dessert. The waiting time between the courses was literally sufficient for one to go up to the room, take a shower and put on make-up before reappearing at the dining table. Anyway this dessert is for the sweet toothed. I found it too rich and couldn't finish it. Too bad, Thon Hotel. It's a "D" from me for dining here.

Buffet Breakfast
Contrary to the 3 course dinner we had at the restaurant the evening before, the buffet breakfast did not disappoint. There was a good spread of breakfast cuisines: cold cuts, omelettes, pastries, pickles, and other treats.
Not to mention smoked salmon and the likes of salmon sashimi....

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