Saturday, 26 March 2016

Finland Part 1: Inari

We were finally in Northern Finland, a region well known among other things for its vast wilderness and natural phenomena including the midnight sun and northern lights. 
Our first stopover was Inari. We were going to experience ice fishing on the frozen Inari Lake, an activity we've never experienced before.
It was early March but the snow was still thick in Inari. We saw white more than any other colours, something to be expected from an Artic landscape.
The Ice Fishing Safari we were supposed to participate in is operated from this building in Inari Village. While waiting for it to commence we explored this small village.
Inari Village has a population of only 500. There are two grocery shops, one petrol station, a couple of souvenir shops, a few hotels and a few restaurants which are all within easy walking distance from each other.
Kuukkeli Supermarket 
The largest building is Siida which houses the Museum of Sami Culture and Nature Centre. 

The biggest souvenir shop in the village.
Souvenirs that depict the Laplander lifestyle and culture.
Inari is beautiful. It is also the best place in Finland to see the beautiful Northen Lights or Aurora Borealis. Below are some of my favourite photos of this phenomena.
Evening swim was interrupted by the Northen Lights.

Finland Part 2: Ice Fishing On Lake Inari
Finland Part 3: Kakslauttanen Artic Resort, Saariselka
Finland Part 4: Aurora Restaurant @ Kakslauttanen Artic Resort
Finland Part 5: Husky Safari @ Kakslauttanen
Finland Part 6: Cruise Of A Lifetime On Sampo Icebreaker, Kemi
Finland Part 7: Cumulus Kemi, My Hotel in Kemi
Finland Part 8: Scenery Of The Artics On A Bus Journey From Kemi To Rovaniemi
Finland Part 9: Ranua Wildlife Park
Finland Part 10: A Visit To Artikum, Rovaniemi
Finland Part 11: Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi
Finland Part 12: Artic Circle Reindeer Farm @ Konttaniemi
Finland Part 13: Getting To Know Rovaniemi
Finland Part 14: Rantasipi Pohjanhovi Hotel, Rovaniemi
Finland Part 15: Traveling On VR Night Train From Rovaniemi To Helsinki
Finland Part 16: My First Day In Helsinki
Finland Part 17: A Walking Tour Of Helsinki
Finland Part 18: Beautiful Helsinki
Finland Part 19: Brief Review Of The Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti, Helsinki

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