Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Norway Part 2: Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

The Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskipshuset) houses the world's two best preserved wooden Viking ships built in the 9th century. For this reason alone, a visit here is worthwhile and a 'Must' if you are visiting Oslo for the first time.

The most prominent display is Oseberg Viking Ship which was built around 820AD and excavated in 1904. It was probably used for early voyages but ended as a burial ship for 2 distinguished Viking women of the Viking Era.
Front facade of Oseberg Viking Ship
Another Viking ship on display is Tune  Ship. Built around 900AD this ship is not as well preserved and has obviously seen better days.
Another display, The Gokstad Ship, is the world's most well preserved Viking ship. Built around 850AD this ship was also found as grave ship for a powerful Viking man.
Other archaelogical finds include sledges, horse cart, household utensils, wooden carving and tools. It is surprising to see a high level of craftmanship in the finds as the Vikings were people notorious for their brutality and savagery. The carvings are ornate and the workmanship, of exceptional quality.

Just look at the intricacy...
Intricate wooden carving
A horse cart
Smaller boats
Cooking Utensil
The ticket counter and souvenir shop
Figurines of Viking sold at the souvenir shop
Museum compound
Museum Entrance
The entrance fee is NOK80/adult, Free for Children. Group Visitors (min 10 persons) fee is NOK40/adult.

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