Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Norway Part 1: My Fleeting Visit To Oslo

There is a always a tinge of excitement whenever I visit a new place. As I have never set foot on Oslo before, I was wondering how similar or different it is from other European cities that I have visited.
By the time we checked out of Oslo Airport, it was past 3pm. We only had a few hours to tour the city as we would be taking a flight to Kirkenes early the next morning. 
Oslo Airport
The weather appeared gloomy. I've never loved the sun but that day I pined for a sunny sky.  It was the end of winter and the sun set by 5.45pm that evening.
I was on a tour with 19 strangers and kept my fingers crossed that my trip would not be spoiled by some weird or mean character. I had Jenny as a room-mate. She's a simple lady with a simple taste and we got along ...wonderfully fine.
Oslo, the capital city of Norway is a large city but it is not as vibrant as Rome, London or even Kuala Lumpur.
The city looked a little dull but I'd have to blame it on the weather as I believe it's the somber weather that took away its lustre. Apparently it had been raining as the roads and streets were all wet.

Dull as it was, there was a wintry allure. The dark silhouettes of naked trees in the midst of white snowy lawn and snow covered walkways never fail to charm me.

I always admire old European architecture and caught glimpses of many nice buildings from my bus.

Our bus made a pit stop at Akerhusstranda Pier. It would have been a spectacular sight on a warm sunny day or so I thought.
A prominent landmark at the pier is Christian Radich Ship School Building. After this stop, we only had enough time to visit two other places : The Viking Ship Museum and 


Akula said...

like to read your travelog. Nice meeting you. Enjoy your trip

Lily... said...

Akula, thanks for visiting and more so for appreciating.

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