Sunday, 20 March 2016

Norway Part 5: From Oslo To Kirkenes

We spent so little time in Oslo but had to bid the city adieu as we had to move on to Kirkenes. After breakfast, we made our way to Oslo Airport as we would be boarding a low cost carrier of Norwegian Air. 
Kirkenes which we were heading to is a small town on the extreme north-eastern part of Norway. Located 2496km from Oslo, the flight was expected to take 2 hours.
We were going to tour the Artic Region. Areas around The Artic Circle is well known for its cold weather but Kirkenes is so much more north than the Artic Circle being 400km north of this circle of latitude. What would a town that far north on earth be like. I was quite curious to find out.
All food had to be purchased on the carrier. I got a ryebread sandwich which was not that eatable so took a few bites and (God forgive me), threw away the rest.
While happily chatting with some fellow travelers, I realised that the carrier was only about 30% occupied so I made my way to a window seat on an empty row to get an aerial view of Kirkenes just before the plane landed.
Other than a river, every else was covered with snow.
Aerial view from the plane just before landing
Aerial view from the plane just before landing
Aerial view from the plane just before landing
The plane finally landed on a snow covered airport.
Kirkenes airport is very small but that befits a township with a population of just less than 4000.
There is only one carousel at the arrival hall.
Everywhere, everything looked very white.
The airport is about 15km to our hotel and the landscape throughout the bus journey appeared white. Everything that is not white became so distinct and attractive somewhat. 

We finally reached the town. It must have been one of the most peaceful towns in Eastern Europe.

Our hotel came into full view. It is a lovely hotel at the edge of town facing a fjord of Barents Sea.

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