Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Finland Part 9: Ranua Wildlife Park

It is nice to visit a zoo in the Artic as it's not easy to see live artic animals  except on TVs or videos. Ranua Zoo, which I visited during a tour around this region is located about 80km from Rovaniemi. This zoo which houses about 200 artic animals from 50 species is also the northernmost zoo in the world. 
Ranua Zoo is set in the midst of a forest. It encompasses a very vast area but we had a guide to show us around.
Wooden walkways are built around the entire zoo and we had to walk a fair bit to view the various species of animals which are distantly spaced from each other.
We didn't see that many animals that day as most have gone into their covered dwellings to hibernate and to seek reprieve from the cold. Other than the nocturnal animals that are kept in small enclosures, most animals are free to roam about in very spacious enclosures meant to create an environment as authentic as possible to their natural habitat.
At the end of the tour around the zoo, we had a nice buffet lunch at the zoo restaurant and did some window shopping at the souvenir shop which are both located at the main zoo building near the entrance.
The zoo restaurant serves a good spread of great tasting food.
Special on the menu that day was the reindeer meat. 
The zoo souvenir shop sells a big array of interesting and cute items.
Just opposite the main building is Fazer, a fair priced shop that sells chocolates, candies and wine. Fazer chocolates are the best in Finland and I bought a few kilograms of it from this shop.

Photo Gallery
Near the entrance

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