Thursday, 21 April 2016

Finland Part 10: A Visit To Artikum, Rovaniemi

Artikum is a famous tourist attraction in Rovaniemi, Finland. It is both a museum and an Artic Science Centre and a must visit place for one who wishes to gain better understanding of the culture and history of the the Lapland as well as sciences related to the Artic.
The architecture of Artikum is very impressive. Its front facade is easily visible in its entirety as the building is located on a lower plain. We had to descend long flight of stairs to reach its foreground.
Equally impressive is the design inside, the most prominent being the long glass corridor.
We met with our guide who spoke English with a strong Finnish accent. He took us to see the exhibits, first of the museum and then of the Artic Science Centre.
The exhibits featured depict Lappish culture, tradition and history. Among items exhibited are some archaeological finds.
After the museum we visited the Artic Science Centre which is part of the University of Lapland. This section provides education on Artic issues and disseminates knowledge about the region as well as showcase research findings like climate change and life today in the Artic.
We were treated to interesting video shows on real Aurorea Borealis occurrences.
A bell at the upper floor of Artikum
At the souvenir shop on the ground floor.

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