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Finland Part 14: Rantasipi Pohjanhovi Hotel, Rovaniemi

Rantasipi Pohjanhovi Hotel in Rovaniemi has a history that dates back to 1936. It was the first hotel in Lapland (The northernmost province Of Finland) that has an elevator at that time. This hotel has since been extended, renovated and refurbished a number of times. Why I brought up the history of the elevator is because I stayed in a wing that is served by a very old fashioned elevator. It didn't have the metal sliding door typically seen in modern elevators. Instead there is a wooden door that opens like a room door into the elevator. The set up was weird indeed making me wonder whether this was the first elevator built in the 1930s that I've read about. I did see modern elevators in other section of the hotel though.
I stayed in a standard twin room. Fortunately the room looked good and was adequately equipped for a pleasant stay. The beds were comfortable. There were coffee and tea making facilities, a mini bar, free sachets of coffee and tea and free Wifi.
Even though it was cold outside, the temperature in the room was comfortable. The washroom comes with a separate shower cubicle. There was a hair dryer but only basic toilteries were provided. Shampoo and body wash were provided in dispensers. The heater functioned well and the overall cleanliness was good.
The hotel is located beside Kemijoki River and near a spectacular landmark of Rovaniemi, The Jätkänkynttilä Bridge. My room commands a wonderful view of both.
Kemijoki River in the evening as viewed from my room.
Towards the end of the hallway from where my room is located, there is a balcony. A 
good and beautiful view of the city could also be seen from here. 
The reception lobby
The lobby lounge.
Hotel facilities include a swimming pool and four saunas but as usual I was in a travel group that was constantly on the move and could not find time to use these facilities.
There are a few F&B outlets in the hotel The main restaurant is Pohjanhovi Restaurant. Besides this, there is a Karaoke Bar, The Lobby Bar and Life Nightclub.
The best seats in Pohjanhovi Restaurant are the ones near the window overlooking Kemijoki River. This restaurant with a seating capacity of 400 serve great meals as well.

Buffet Dinner At Pohjanhovi Restaurant
I love the buffet dinner here as there is a good selection of salad and vegetable dishes.
There was also a good selection of main dishes, sauces, desserts and tea.
Dining here is certainly recommended.

Buffet Breakfast
The buffet breakfast at Pohjanhovi Restaurant was equally good with a good selection of morning treats.
Pohjanhovi Restaurant
The location of this hotel is the hotel's plus point. Conveniently located in the city centre, there is easy access to restaurants, supermarkets, shops, travel agencies and public transportation. It is also not too far from Rovaniemi's major tourist attractions.

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