Friday, 1 April 2016

Finland Part 4: Aurora Restaurant, Kakslauttanen Artic Resort.

Dining in Aurora Restaurant of Kakslauttanen Artic Resort was a lovely experience. It was not so much the food but rather the amazing architecture and stunning interior decoration of the restaurant that has enchanted me. 
Located at West Village, this restaurant stands secluded on its own and was surrounded by thick white snow during my visit. I was lamenting the distance I had to walk from my glass igloo to reach the restaurant which was possibly some 400 meters away but upon entering the premise this setback was totally forgotten.
The restaurant is simply mesmerizing. Made mostly from pine log, the dining room is radiantly illuminated with pretty ceiling lamps. It has a decor that is artistically inspired with an ambiance that is very inviting. The setting looks cozy and the heated dining room was an immediate reprieve from the biting cold outside.
It looks like a great place to hangout over a cup of drink too as there are sofas and free wireless internet.

Walking around you can see beautiful and admirable art pieces in the form of sculptures, carvings and wall arts.
Even the fireplace was artistically created
The most spectacular feature within the restaurant is the glass igloo bar with see through glass roof where one can watch out for the northern lights.

Our Dinner Menu
The restaurant offers a la carte menu with local Lappish cuisine. We had a set meal for dinner.
The starter was a very creamy and cheesy soup. 
It was steak for the main dish.
And lastly a very creamy ice-cream-like dessert. The food was above average albeit the service was extremely slow.

Buffet Breakfast
 Breakfast cuisines was just a fair spread of mornings treats.
This was what I ate that morning. It was simple but quite a satisfying meal.

The Souvenir Shop
The souvenir shop is within the same premise as Aurora Restaurant.
Just before we checked out of Kakslauttanen Resort, a very friendly and humble looking man came to greet me. He is Jussi Eiramo, the founder and owner of this 400 hectare resort. I read up about him much later and was totally impressed by his accomplishment. When he first stopped to camp here at the age of 20, Kakslauttanen consisted of only two reindeer meat storage units. Over 40 years he turned it into Finland's most famous resort.  It is indeed an honour to be photographed him.

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