Thursday 8 September 2016

Lombok Travel Part 10: Staying In Les Villas Ottalia, Gili Trawangan

From Pearl Of Trawangan we moved to Les Villas Ottalia. We could only book 2 nights in the former and had to extend our stay for the remaining nights in another hotel. With all the ravings about Les Villas Ottalia by previous guests, I thought it should make a good choice. The only setback about this hotel is its location which is deep inside the interior of the island. There is practically nothing interesting within a 500 meters radius around it. There are also no restaurants or commercial activities in the vicinity. To offset this major disadvantage, Les Villas allows its guests to use its bicycles for free which would otherwise have costs IDR 50,000 (about RM16) per bike per day.
We rode the cidomos a distance of two kilometers to get to Les Villas Ottalia from Pearl Of Trawangan. I wasn't used to the environment initially as it was starkly different from our first hotel where almost everything is within reach. We were given a welcome drink and a perfumed towel at the reception lobby before checking into our room some distance away.
The first thing you would probably see upon reaching the hotel are the bicycle sheds. There are ample bicycles, enough for every hotel guest I think.
The rooms are not visible from the reception lobby and we had to walk through a pathway bordered by a thick foliage of garden shrubs and bushes.

We stayed in a 1-room bungalow facing the swimming pool. It is just a tiny bungalow without the luxury of space.
The room is air-conditioned and has a bed with canopy. For a mid-range hotel the facilities provided can be considered sufficient for a comfortable stay. There is complimentary usage of WiFi and free sachets of coffee and tea.

The washroom is sufficiently large and is fitted with a heated shower but toiletries provided are rather basic.
Hotel facilities include a swimming pool with sunbeds and umbrellas.

There is a spa with pay service near the swimming pool.
The hotel restaurant is open air and it is located adjacent to the pool.
The hotel lounge is at the reception building.
Rooms come with breakfast which is partly buffet and partly a la carte.
Served on the buffet table are assorted cereals, bread, cakes, cheese, ham and fried rice or fried noodles. In addition, guests can choose one item from the a la carte menu.

The kitchen counter

Even though its location is a setback for guests staying here, the bicycles provided are a great help to move freely around the island. This hotel is definitely not recommended for those who can't cycle as to use the cidomos each time you need to move about would be too expensive.  


Unknown said...

Bonjour Lily,
What a change in Gili Trawangan !
I was there in 1990 and there was only bamboo houses along the beaches and an open air restaurant.
The food was good and accomodations simple but clean. Local people where very friendly and there were only few tourist !
Wouldn't go back there now.
Thank you for sharing your travel.

Question ; Do you update your blog during your trips ?
In this case do you use a laptop to update and put your pictures ?

Wish you the best,

Lily... said...

Thanks for sharing. If I visit the same place again I would update but I normally prefer to visit other places as excitement is no longer felt once you've been there.

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