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Lombok Travel Part 11: Gili Meno

Gili Meno is one of the three small islands off the northwest coast of Lombok. Sandwiched between Gili Trawangan and Gili Air, Gili Meno is the smallest and also the most laid back among the three. Gili Meno can be reached by public boats from Bangsal Jetty in Lombok or by the island hopping public boats from Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. Measuring approximately 2km long and 1km wide, the island is small enough to be circumnavigated on foot. 
We took the island hopping public boat from Gili Trawangan  to Gili Meno. It cost IDR35,000 per person per way which is much more expensive than the journey from Bangsal to Gili Meno (IDR14,000) even though the distance is a lot shorter. The two islands are just a kilometer apart and it takes only 15 minutes to commute from one to the other.
Gili Meno Jetty is located on the east coast of the island facing Gili Air. Boats coming in simply dock on the beach and passengers alighting or boarding will have to walk through a foot deep of sea water.
All the three small islands including Gili Meno do not have motorised vehicles. Other than bicycles, the only mode of public transport is the cidomo or horse carriage.

There is a beach path around the island and it only takes a couple of hours to walk the circumference with sightseeing in between.

The East Coast
The northern end of the east coast is very quiet. Other than a few B&Bs, it is totally devoid of commercial activities.

Flowers like this are found in abundance around the island.

I am not sure whether this is a book shop or a library belonging to one of the B & Bs.
The beach south of the jetty is apparently the most popular stretch. Quite a number of tourists were seen basking around.
There is also a turtle sanctuary on the east coast of Meno.

The jetty area is the most robust part of the east coast and the whole island. There are restaurants, B&Bs and a few travel agents lining the shore.

There are only a handful of small stalls in Gili Meno and these can be found on the east coast.

The West Coast 
The west coast of Gili Meno faces Gili Trawangan. A few boats ferrying snorkelers were seen docking offshore. 
You can see multi coloured dead corals and marine floras just walking along the beach.

The west coast is exceptionally quiet and along many stretches, you hardly see anyone around. For activity oriented tourists, Gili Trawangan is obviously the better choice.

Walking around I saw this building with walls that are entirely paved with corals.

Most villagers stay in the interior but there are a few village houses along the beach.

The Interior
Other than The Bird Park and Salt Lake, there are not many attractions in the interior part of the island. A short walk along the village path will take you to these places.
The Bird Park is rather quiet. No visitor was sighted that afternoon.
Statue at Gili Meno Bird Park
An aerial view of Gili Meno with the salt lake in the interior.
A wooden boardwalk is built on stilts over the edge of the lake. There is nothing interesting here except mangrove trees.
The pace of life is very slow in Gili Meno. Seen here are a couple of villagers lazing around.
This woman is seen closing her shop using wooden planks which is put in place piece by piece.
A fanciful B&B in the interior.
A cidomo trodding the village path
A cute village house

Dining At Jali Cafe
Jali Cafe located near the jetty offers budget dining and private huts facing the sea for its patrons. 
We spent a couple of hours at one of these huts, dining and enjoying the sea breeze before taking a boat back to Gili Trawangan.

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