Thursday 20 April 2017

A Journey Through Southland, New Zealand

We were very blessed to have enjoyed many sunny days in Queenstown and Otago Region during our self-drive tour around the South Island. Just as we were about to visit a few more places in our list,  the weather took a turn for the worst. Rain has always been our greatest enemy whenever we travel. We dislike getting our shoes wet and all the inconveniences  that come with downpours or even drizzles. Trying to escape the rain we started browsing through the weather forecast of neighbouring towns and found a place that would be free of it. A cloudy or even gloomy weather without rain was a bonus that we would gladly exchange with a rainy one at that point of time.  The place meant was Invercargill located in the region south of Queenstown. We didn't mind driving 290 km just to enjoy a day out without the rain. 

This post is created to remember that rainy drive through the region of Southland. This trip was totally unplanned but I have always harboured the thought of seeing Invercargill since I last visited New Zealand. 
The topography of Southland is somewhat different from the other regions we've navigated. We drove through vast pastoral land, small villages and a few towns. The three hour journey was rainy throughout.
There were many sheep farms and thousands of sheep were seen grazing in the open fields oblivious of the cold and rain.

Athol is a small town in Southland, New Zealand. It is located on State Highway 6 and a few buildings caught my attention as we were driving through.

Lumsden is another town we passed through.

Though much bigger than Athol, Lumsden is still very rural and quiet .

Winton is a major town in Southland. The rain makes it look a little gloomy but the buildings many of which dated back to 1860s are quite attractive.

Garden in Winton beside the highway
After more than two hours it was still raining. 
We've travelled more than 280 km but the rain didn't seem to stop. The weather forecast must have gone wrong we thought and felt a little cheated as we've come that far to enjoy a day out without the rain. Miraculously, just a couple of kilometers before reaching Invercargill, the rain disappeared. 👍 to Yahoo Weather Forecast. We had a great day exploring Invercargill and even went all the way to Bluff. 😁

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