Saturday 29 April 2017

Scenic Drive From Queenstown To Kingston

We were overwhelmed by the natural beauty of New Zealand and got more than we ever asked for.  Just like that unforgettable Glenorchy drive earlier on, the drive from Queenstown to Kingston is another insanely beautiful drive offering unhindered vistas of Lake Wakatipu against the mountain ranges. This post features the panoramas captured during the drive that almost blew our minds away. 

The distance between Queenstown and Kingston is approximately 47 km and a slow drive with a stop at Devil's Staircase Viewpoint took about 45 minutes. The photos below are taken along the stretch of Kingston Road which runs close to the eastern shore of Lake Wakatipu after passing Frankton. 
Kingston Road forms a part of State Highway 6. Highways in New Zealand aren't like the highways we have in Malaysia. They are often narrow and are only 2-lane instead of 4-lane or 6-lane.

And I went, "Wah, Wah" and  "Wow, Wow" all the way till we reached Kingston. Ronnie probably didn't savour the beauty as much as I did as he had to concentrate on the winding road. 

Many passers-by are equally awed by the stupendous sight.

One of the more beautiful lookout is at Devil's Staircase where we could park our car.

The drive ended in Kingston which is more a village than a town. Kingston is located at the southern end of Lake Wakatipu. It is surrounded by mountains and has a rustic charm.  
Kingston offers tranquility.
And stunning lakeside landscape.
The Kingston Flyer is a passenger steam train that used to ply Kingston, Gore and Invercargill. Its operation started as early back as 1886 and the service discontinued and continued several times over the years till 2012. 
It is no longer in operation and has recently changed ownership.

A cute cottage with wheels as its fence stood out in the midst of the village. 
We didn't see much commercial activities in Kingston. Except for a corner cafe near the main road there is little else.

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