Tuesday 11 April 2017

A Trip To Cromwell

Cromwell is a small town in Central Otago, New Zealand, about 60 km from Queenstown and 62 km from Wanaka. Though it is not as famous and as visited as the former two we had quite a pleasurable time getting to know this place. Without the touristy crowds, our visit was very relaxing and we were better able to appreciate its tranquil charm.

There are a number of free things one can do in Cromwell and these were what we did.

1. Visit The Town Centre
Cromwell Town is a neat and well organised town with little traffic. It is a self contained town with almost everything that you may need that are within walking distance.
The town appears modern. The shopping mall, public library, bank, restaurants, petrol station, shops, hospital and town squares are well spaced and the town as a whole is beautifully adorned with flower beds, murals and landscaped walls. Walking its streets is quite a delightful experience.

Like all other NZ towns there is a main park and garden and the residential houses in the vicinity look very nice and cozy.

2. Take photographs of Cromwell's Iconic Fruit Sculptures.
Stone fruits like apples, pears, plums and apricots thrive on the fertile soil of Cromwell and the town proudly displays a humongous sculpture of these fruits along the State Highway, close to town.
Dwarfed by the fruits of Cromwell. See how big it is?

3. Visit A Fruit Orchard
Gold mining was once a lucrative profession in Cromwell but today it is no longer economically viable and has since given way to large scale fruit farming and wineries. Cromwell fruits are well known for their sweetness.
Orchard owners would normally set up fruit stalls near their orchards facing main roads to sell parts of their produce. In Cromwell you can see many of such stalls on the roadside.
We visited Jackson Orchard. This orchard has set up a very big stall selling fresh stone fruits and all types of orchard produce like jam and honey. A guided tour around the orchard can be arranged for a fee(NZ$25/pax) or you can just walk around and see the fruit trees for free. These trees grow right up to the main roads.

4. Visit Cromwell Heritage Precinct
Cromwell Heritage Precinct was created as an effort to salvage the old town of Cromwell. When a major hydroelectric dam was built around year 1990 a lake was formed drowning the main road of Cromwell and the buildings along it. Some buildings in the vicinity were saved and some were rebuilt on higher ground above the lake. This site is now an attraction for visitors who wish to get glimpses of Cromwell's past which is much affiliated to the era of the 1860s Gold Rush.
Wisharts Blacksmith and Motor Garage is one of two buildings in the precinct on its original site. 
Wisharts Blacksmith and Motor Garage now exhibits items preserved from the the 1860s.
While some of the historic buildings are show-premises, some are used as premises for currently thriving businesses.

Besides this boutique selling home products, there are restaurants, cafe and art galleries within this heritage precinct.

Being here is like walking back in time. There is a calming feel to this historic place and the winds...I love it except for times when I wanted to have my photos taken and my hair was all over the face.

5. Enjoy The View At Lake Dunstan
The lake formed as a result of the hydroelectric dam is Lake Dunstan which is just beside the heritage precinct. It is a beautiful lake and we just sat around to enjoy its the cool breeze and enchanting views.

6. Make A Pit Stop At Roaring Meg
Roaring Meg is a turbulent stream that both drives a hydro electric power station and merges with the Kawarau River. If you are visiting Cromwell using Highway 6, this place is worth dropping by. 

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