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Cardrona Attractions

Too much of the same thing can sometimes cause mundaneness in travelling. I remember I was goggle-eyed the first time I visited a Tsar's Palace in Russia. We were brought to a second and then a third palace by which time I felt I've seen enough of palaces and wanted to see other things even though the third palace was as extravagant and gorgeous as the first.

Cardrona Bra Fence
The Bra Fence in Cardrona for instance is a unique culture unseen anywhere else and it is things like this that takes away banality and spice up your travel. 
The story has it that around year 1998 and 1999, passers-by started to hang bras at a fence along a public road reserve near Cardrona Village. The reason remains a mystery but the few bras turned to a few hundreds. While some view this as an eye-sore and embarrassment some embrace this culture which is viewed positively as an added attraction for tourists visiting  Cardrona. The bras were removed a number of times by those who were opposed to the idea of public displaying of worn underwear but each time more would be hung there.   
Some time back, someone came up with the idea of raising funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation by placing a pink sign and a donation box beside the fence. The bra fence was given a nickname, Bradrona and NZ$200 was successfully collected. This charity drive is being continued till today.
There are close to 10,000 bras, maybe more making this possibly the longest bra fence in the world.

Cardrona Hotel
The Cardrona Hotel is iconic to the Cadrona Village as it is a heritage building that dates back to the 1860s. The hotel pub is also one of the most photographed places in New Zealand.

Cardrona Hotel is located along the Cardrona Valley Road that connects Wanaka to Queenstown and it is easily visible if you drive along this road.
Another very old building in the vicinity is the General Merchant, Post and Telegraph building and the Art Gallery.

Cardrona Valley Scenic Drive
Merging with Cadrona Valley Road is Crown Range Road which at 1121 meters is the highest road in New Zealand. The drive along Crown Range Road is exceptionally spectacular offering a magnificent view of the beautiful Cardrona Valley below.

It is not easy to find a place to park along this road but whenever we could, it feels heavenly to be able to savour such a majestic panorama.

We saw miles and miles of the beautiful Cardrona Valley as we slowly drove back to Queenstown.

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