Tuesday, 25 April 2017

New Zealand's Southernmost Town: Bluff

There is a town called Bluff in New Zealand and going to Bluff was a last minute decision made when we were in Invercargill. Bluff is a seaport which is known to operate cruises to Antarctica. Since we have long been interested in the Antarctic Cruise we thought it would be a good idea to get details about the cruise from the port ourselves.
There are a few interesting facts about Bluff. While Invercargill is the southernmost city, Bluff which is located 28km away is the southernmost town of New Zealand. Being so far south, it is naturally a lot colder here. It is cold and exceptionally windy as the town is almost entirely surrounded by the cold seas and influenced by the westerly winds. It is also a lot nearer to South Pole compared to most other towns in the world.
Bluff is the oldest town in NZ which still exist on its original site. The buildings, especially the ones on the main street are really old.

Bluff Lodge (the orange colored building) used to be New Zealand's earliest post office.

Stirling Point is a significant place in Bluff as it marks the end of State Highway 1 which runs the entire length of New Zealand. This highway runs all the way from the northern tip of North Island at Cape Reinga to Stirling Point, Bluff in South Island.
Bluff Lighthouse is located near Stirling Point
We had a good time driving along Bluff's Marine Parade and enjoyed the cold winds and the scent of the sea.
My greatest regret coming to Bluff was not trying its oysters. Bluff boasts of the best oysters in the world but 😢😢😢 I came to know about this after I've left the place. That's the problem with unplanned trips.
Instead we had our lunch at The Lighthouse Gallery And Cafe. 
Part of the premise is a gallery.
And part of the premise is a family run cafe. The proprietor surprised me with her generosity by not only giving me the recipe of her chowder but also bringing me into her kitchen to show me the ingredients when I expressed my liking for her food.
We had a chicken wrap
And a delightful seafood chowder.
The meal came to RM90. Even though we didn't get to eat Bluff's oysters, there is a lot of Bluff seafood inside this chowder: cod, salmon, squids, and clams. I asked for the recipe because it was so good.

Bluff Photo Gallery
Bluff is just a small place and it was easy to drive around. Below are more pictures to remember Bluff.

Bluff is the gateway to Stewart Island and tickets to this island are available at this ferry terminal. We were told by the ferry terminal staff that cruises to the Antarctic can only be booked online and not through any office in Bluff as they are really specialised tours. Anyway, no regrets coming here. We did have a great day out without the rain.

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