Sunday 2 April 2017

Queenstown To Glenorchy Scenic Drive.

There are so many good things said about the drive from Queenstown to Glenorchy that I had this itinerary placed top on the list of things I have to do in Queenstown. This drive is said to be one of the most beautiful drives in New Zealand so I really look forward to the day when I could soak in all the phenomenal sights myself. I didn't want this experience to be spoilt by poor weather so I was constantly checking the weather forecast; which destination in my list is sunny, which is cloudy or rainy? I was adamant to savour only the best so I have to pick only the best weather to do the things I wanted to do most.
The weather was just right that morning. It was forecasted to be sunny most of the day so we headed for Glenorchy after breakfast. We also had plans to drive along the Glenorchy-Paradise Road before heading to Kinloch at the northernmost tip of Lake Wakatipu on the same day.
Glenorchy is a tiny town just 45km from Queenstown. The road from Queenstown to Glenorchy is mostly winding and narrow though they are well paved. I can understand why this drive is highly talked about. The road snakes its way very close to the shores of Lake Wakatipu and this offers an unhindered vista of the shimmering blue lake against the backdrop of mist covered mountains. And because the road is undulating, the view from spots with higher altitude are especially superb and mind blowing.
While driving along, we were whisked to breathtaking heights. There were miles of awe inpiring charm to behold. For most of the journey the road was narrow and we could not stop our car. There were however a few gazetted areas where we could pull over and savour the fresh mountain air and views. Some of these photos were taken while our car was moving while some were taken at Wilson Bay and Bennetts Bluff Lookout where we could find parking. Do enjoy the photos as much as I do.

Phew! That was a drive that almost blew our minds away!

It didn't take long before we finally arrived at Glenorchy. We have just experienced a spectacular drive to get to this rustic town which to our amazement is equally spectacular. This little town is surrounded by majestic looking mountains, ancient beech forest and pristine lakes and it is undeniably beautiful. It's no wonder that it has been chosen as filming sites for a few box office movies like 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord Of The Rings'.
The pier of Glenorchy is a stunning place and we were very excited about capturing the images of its unparalleled  splendor. 

I  loved this row of willow trees growing from the lake most. This place looks incredibly calming.

From the pier we drove to the town centre, a short walkable distance away. Glenorchy has a small population of 500 but it attracts holiday makers from all over who have come to bask in its tranquil beauty. There are a few hotels, a few restaurants, a few cafes and bars but no fashion boutiques or supermarkets.

The laid back type of life in the midst of fresh mountain air and absolute serenity could be adding 10 years to a resident's lifespan! 

Glenorchy Cafe is the perfect place for lunch. The meal we had here was quite unforgettable.

This pie (RM24.15) tasted as good as it looks. 
And this sandwich (RM44.85) was simply awesome.
After returning from Paradise and Kinloch we had a second round of pleasurable drive, driving along the same route back to Queenstown from Glenorchy.
Sweet journey back to Queenstown.

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Lewis Clark said...

Nice scenery and great sight scene showing in the pictures and roads connecting with the mountain are simply awesome to see.

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