Saturday 4 November 2017

An Excursion To South America: 33. Staying In Palacio Duhau -Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires was the last hotel I stayed in during my South America Excursion. I was surprised my travel agent put my group up in such an expensive hotel. I checked out the rate through Agoda and found out the cheapest room during the time of my stay costs around RM2400 per night. We stayed here a total of three nights personifying the idiom "You Get What You Pay For". It was an expensive trip and we got to travel in style and luxury!
Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires or simply Park Hyatt is located in Recoleta, an affluent neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The hotel comprises two main buildings: a restored palace from 1934 and a modern building overlooking the city. It is indeed a  combination of traditional and contemporary design and architecture.
I stayed in a room located in the new building but there is nothing spectacular or classic about the setting here. I'd wish my room was in the palace building adjacent to the modern block. I would then have a chance to stay in a palace. The reception lobby is located in the modern building and as seen above it is just a modest setup.
This standard room (which is probably the cheapest) is like most other hotel rooms. It is however equipped with all the facilities a typical 5 star hotel offers. The feature I love most is the spacious washroom with a big closet space. The cleanliness is tip-top and the service is impeccable. I remember asking for an electric iron to be placed in my room the next day. After a whole day excursion I came back to see my request granted without needing to give a second reminder.

Among some hotel facilities offered to its patrons are a heated swimming pool which is an indoor pool, an elaborate fitness centre, a spa and a number of F&B outlets. 
There is also an art gallery displaying some modern art sculptures and beautiful paintings. This gallery is located on a spacious and long hallway in a secluded section of the hotel.
Gioia Restaurante & Terraces is a grand looking restaurant in the hotel that offers spectacular views of the Palace and the courtyard with service available throughout the day. Patrons have the option of dining indoor or alfresco on the terrace. This was where we had breakfast each morning.

For breakfast you get to eat a lot more things than what is displayed on the buffet table. The waitress will come and take your order and get the food freshly cooked for you from the kitchen. The only setback is I don't see a menu of "extra food' included in the buffet so I was a bit lost about what to ask for.
The garden terrace looks like a great place to dine in as it is just next to the beautiful courtyard. It also offers a full view of the palace building.

You can stroll across the courtyard to the palace building which houses more suites and rooms.
My favorite hangout is the hotel garden. It is like an oasis in the midst of the busy city tucked in between the two hotel blocks and obscured from the public  who walk the street. 
You don't get to see a foliage in the garden but the little shrubs and flower plants are lovely.

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