Saturday 22 December 2018

My Nepal Trip Part 6: Bhaktapur (Walking Back In Time Photo Gallery)

I like Bhaktapur for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is one of the few towns I've visited that have not succumbed much to the tide of modernisation and development thus offering a break from the banalities of the typical landscape setting. Being in this town is like being transported a few decades back to when life wasn't as sophisticated and high tech, and threading its ancient pathways that are dotted with century old buildings and monuments is like walking back in time giving one opportunities to get an insight into the past.  
Bhaktapur is also a town which has proudly preserved its tradition and culture. The lifestyle of its people though devoid of glamour and opulence, seems to lack not in vibrancy, colours and intrigue.

Posted below are some memory photos of this ancient town and the lifestyle of its beautiful people.

Woman selling vegetables by the roadside -[photo taken early in the morning]

Morning roadside market

Man selling preserved fish at morning roadside market

Man selling betel leaf chew by the walkway

Betel Leaf Chew with 9 ingredients on display

Couple preparing crispy breakfast snacks

Market at Taumadhi Square

Man selling fish at morning roadside market

Women washing in public wash area

Devotees sweeping Hindu Shrine

Local cakes and delicacies stall

Fruit vendor

A small shop selling metalware.

Can't figure out what this is for

A stall at morning market

Woman selling colored powder used for making 'rangoli' for the Festival of Lights

Authentic Nepali handicraft 

Colourful merchandise on display

A popular local puffy snack 

Bhaktapur during dawn -photo taken from Tulaja Boutique Hotel

Bhaktapur during dawn - photo taken from Tulaja Boutique Hotel

Sunrise in Bhaktapur

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