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My Nepal Trip Part 8: About Pokhara & Where To Stay In The City

Among the four destinations travelled in Nepal, I like Pokhara most. It is Nepal's second largest city located about 205 km northwest of its capital, Kathmandu. 
Because of its close proximity to The Annapurna Range of The Himalayas, it is also the gateway for trekkers planning to do mountain trekking in the region.

Pokhara offers beautiful views of the Himalayan Range and three of the world’s ten highest peaks lie within 50 kilometers of the city. Dhaulagiri (#7 at 8167 meters), Manaslu (#8 at 8163 meters) and Annapurna I (#10 at 8091 meters) are all within close proximity of Pokhara.

Pokhara is built around the big and beautiful Phewa Lake which also forms the city's major attraction. Besides its panoramic setting, it offers a hive of interesting activities which includes boating, bicycling and heart fluttering adventure activities like paragliding, ziplining, and bungee jumping. It is also a shopping and dining haven with many shops and restaurants congested along the main lake shore road.

For first time travellers who may need advice on accommodation in Pokhara, here's my recommendation. 
The most convenient place to stay would be at Pokhara Lakeside and the closer to the lake, the better. The Lakeside area stretches more than 2 km from the north to the south running parallel to the shore of Phewa Lake. For shopping, dining and other conveniences you can narrow down your choice to the hub of the Lakeside which is located around Phewa Taal Boating Station (the one next to Moondance Restaurant and not the one further south). 

There are many hotels to choose from around this area depending on your budget. The hotel which I chose is a mid range hotel with an elevator. For a room with air-conditioner, hot water shower and a balcony I only paid USD 99 per room for 3 nights and this include breakfast. (This works out to USD 49.50 per person on a twin share basis.  I booked through Booking.Com for this promotional rate). There are of course many better hotels if you are willing to fork out more for a more luxurious stay. 

My Hotel
The name of my hotel is 'My Hotel' and it is located just 500 meters to the main boating station of Phewa Lake. It is in close proximity to eateries, restaurants, bicycle rental, etc. yet it offers much privacy and serenity as it is tucked away in a quieter corner off the main lake shore road.
The room is equipped with sufficient facilities for a comfortable stay. It has its own private balcony.
Machhupucchare, or Fish Tail Mountain (the sharp peak in the backdrop) can be seen from the hotel.
Some rooms face the lake but mine faces the Himalayan Range.

Shopping And Dining
Most shops at the Lakeside area is concentrated along the main lake shore road. It is a good place to pick up thermal wear, shawls, Nepali handicrafts, etc but it is still cheaper to shop in Kathmandu.

There is a good variety of restaurants to choose from. Other than local Nepali cuisines, it is easy to find Western, Tibetan, Chinese cuisines etc.

Phewa Lake
The city is built around Phewa Lake. You can easily rent a boat for recreational activities at very affordable rates.
Phewa Lake is also a great spot for photography. The radiant colours of the little boats on the calm lake against the backdrop of the mountains is indeed a spectacle.

Festival Of Lights (Deepavali)
I happened to be in Pokhara during a festive season. The Festival of Lights is celebrated in a grand scale over a period of 4 days in the city. You'll get to see many troops of dancers dancing to upbeat Nepali tunes on five foot ways outside shops at the Lakeside until late at night.

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