Sunday 13 January 2019

My Nepal Trip Part 9: Phewa Lake Boating And Photo Gallery

Phewa Lake is the biggest, the most popular and the most visited lake in Pokhara. Spanning over 4.43 sq km with a maximum depth of 23 meters, this freshwater lake is just a stone's throw from the hub of the city. From Phewa Lake you can see panoramic views of its surrounding mountains and hills. World Peace Stupa which is one of Pokhara's top attractions can also be seen from the lake.  
Hanging out around the lake shore is a fun way to spend one's time in Pokhara. There is a walking and cycling path by the shore which is lined with numerous restaurants, cafes and bars. There are 2 boating stations in the city where you can rent boats for recreation.(The more popular and cheaper station is the one that directly faces a little island in the centre of the lake). A recommended activity for first time visitors to Pokhara is to go boating on the lake.

Phewa Lake Boating Packages
There are several boating packages to choose from. Most popular among Hindu devotees is a boat ride to the little island where Tal Barahi temple is located. Other packages include, a boat ride to destinations like World Peace Stupa, Fish Tail Lodge, Gurung Village, Damside, paragliding landing point or simply a boat ride to nowhere all chargeable at varying rates but which are very affordable indeed. You can also rent a boat and row yourself. 
The maximum number of passengers for each typical boat is four persons and it is compulsory to rent a life jacket before getting on the boat. 
Instead of going nowhere which could be a little boring I decided to choose a boating package that brings us to Fish Tail Lodge initially not knowing what is was all about. 

Boating To Fish Tail Lodge
This package includes a ride to a hotel called Fish Tail Lodge. Named after a majestic peak in the Himalayas, Machapuchare, also known as 'Fish Tail Mountain', this lakeside hotel offers accommodation and dining with spectacular views of the lake and its surrounds. The hotel is tastefully landscaped with flowers and plants and it looks like an upper end accommodation. The boatman will park his boat at the hotel pier and allocate 45 minutes for the passengers to explore the hotel ground or have a cuppa after which he will row the boat back to the station.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking photographs at Fish Tail Lodge. It is a very beautiful place and 45 minutes appeared too short a time to savour it all. It was indeed a good pick.

My Photo Gallery
Phewa Lake is one of the most scenic location to take photographs in Pokhara. The photos below are taken at a few scenic spots at different times of the day.

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