Tuesday 11 December 2018

My Nepal Trip Part 2 (Nagarkot - The Village)

Nagarkot is a laid back village located just 32 km east of Kathmandu. Standing at 7000 ft asl, it offers the broadest possible views of the Himalayas with visibility of up to eight mountain ranges on a clear day. It is also a serene village famed for its superb sunrise and sunset view.

There is however a glaring lack of development in Nagarkot. Womenfolk were still seen filling up big tubs of water from the public tap to bring home. Roads are dilapidated and in dire need of repair. Bystanders and pedestrians are subject to air pollution each time a passing vehicle stirs up thick clouds of dust.  
The hub of the village consists of only one main street with small shops and stalls lining either side. Other than hotels which may tower a few storey high, village homes are modest and scanty. The villagers live a meagre life, possibly with limited nuances in lifestyle. 

The trek into the village was an eye-opener. Gratitude fills my heart for the comfort back home which is so often taken for granted. Nepali hospitality shown by the villagers despite being in want was also a life lesson to learn.

Nagarkot Village Photo Gallery
Nagarkot has a small population of approximately 5000. Some are petty traders, some work in hotels while the majority are farmers.
Rice terraces cut out of mountain slopes are a sight to behold. These are easily sighted along the route into the village.

While many would shy away from being photographed, the villagers here feel honored to be in the midst of visitors and would willingly pose for photos with them.
Village shops sell mostly foodstuffs and basic consumer goods.

Shops and eateries away from the village hub are sporadically located along the village road.

It isn't easy to carry huge tubs of water but for these village ladies it has become a daily routine.

With hardly any entertainment outlets, the villagers young and old take delight in simple things like this swing made from branches of a tree.
Occupying the choicest of location within the village are the motels and hotels.
These 'luxuries' are probably out of bound for the villagers.
Despite the setbacks, free for all are the majestic sights of mountains and verdant valleys..
...and beautiful snow capped peaks of the Himalayas to savour.

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Siti Yang Menaip said...

the view of the Himalaya is very stunning <3

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