Tuesday 29 January 2019

My Nepal Trip Part 13: Glimpses Of Kathmandu (Photo Gallery)

My Nepal trip culminated in its capital city, Kathmandu, a destination deemed quintessential to complete this Nepal travel. A city brimming with energy and activities, Kathmandu is also home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites which are popular venues in any Kathmandu itinerary. 

Posted below are snapshots that depict a vibrant and colourful Kathmandu with its lifestyle that is both interesting and intriguing. 

Thamel is the district where I stayed. It is a tourist hotspot and commercial district characterized by narrow streets and alleys. There is an abundance of hotels, restaurants and small shops selling a multitude of authentic Nepali products. Other than trishaws, the streets  are closed to motorised vehicles. At most taxis can only drop their passengers at their hotels and drive off immediately.

Freak Street
Freak Street looks ordinary but has an interesting history that dates back to the "Hippies Era" of the 1960s and 70s. It was once 'the' congregation place for the hippies tourist who'd come for their supply of marijuana and hashish freely available in government licensed shops then. Such drug activities are no longer legal in Nepal.

Asan Marketplace
A marketplace that hustles and bustles, thronged and jam packed with locals that have come out to get their groceries and household wares.

Religious Lifestyle
Much of the city is filled with temples, shrines and religious monuments. Most of its people are devoted Hindus or Buddhists. 

The Living Goddess Of Lalitpur
The Living Goddess is a Hindu religious tradition where young  pre-pubescent girls are worshipped as manifestations of the divine female energy. These girls are meticulously selected from the highest caste of the society to live a secluded life as an object of worship until they reach puberty. There are 10 living goddesses in Nepal and I got to see one of them. But what surprised me was the living condition of the "Goddess" I visited which I thought to be luxurious and opulent but which turned out to be overly modest. The stairs leading to the room where she received visitors even stank of urine.

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