Monday 27 May 2019

From Istanbul To Canakkale

From Istanbul we headed for Canakkale which is located on the Asian side. Since we were staying on the European side of Istanbul we had to go to Eceabat to take a ferry across the Strait of Dardanelles.

Eceabat is a small coastal town that serves as a ferry port enabling people to cross the Dardanelles Strait to the city of Çanakkale which is located on the Asian side. It is also a base to visit important places associated with the First World War, including battlefields and cemeteries of the fallen soldiers. On the seafront next to the ferry terminal is a miniature park called Respect for History Park with war-related exhibits in miniature form, memorials etc. which we just managed to catch glimpses of as our ferry was about to move when we arrived.

The Ferry
The ferries from Eceabat to Canakkale runs 24 hours taking in both passengers and vehicles. The ride is just a short one, approximately 40 minutes in duration.

It was mid spring but the wind was icy cold and we took shelter inside the covered deck most of the journey.
The wide banks of Canakkale came into full view not too long after the ferry took off.

Canakkale is a coastal city on the Asian side of Turkey. Its most famous attraction is the ancient city of Troy which we were going to visit the next morning after putting up a night.
We had glimpses of Canakkale from the bus but never got to explore it.

Staying In Troia Tusan Hotel
We put up a night in Troia Tusan Hotel in Canakkale. This hotel is located in the midst of a pine forest close to the seashore.
This hotel has many steps and no elevators but we managed somehow. Other than this everything else was good. Our room is spacious and has enough facilities for a very comfortable stay.
There is a swimming pool but the weather was pretty cold and it was devoid of life.
The hotel is generally quiet and peaceful.
Breakfast was satisfactory. 

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