Saturday 8 June 2013

Phuket Travel Part 8: Bangla Road

Bangla Road is the notorious road in Phuket  which some termed as the "Sin Street", the "Seduction Street" or even the "red light district" of Phuket. 
I passed through this road six times during my very short stay in Patong. It's not that I find it appealing but the shortest route for me to get to the shopping mall and the market is through Bangla Road.
Bangla Road at 10am
Bangla Road runs perpendicular to Thaweewong Road (where I was staying) and Rat-Uthit Pee Road (where Jungceylon Mall is located). The section nearer to Thaweewong Road are mostly normal shops & restaurants but the section nearer to Rat-Uthit Pee Road is where the pubs, bars, nightclubs and wordly entertainment outlets are concentrated.
 A street vendor selling hot coffee and tea?? Bangla Road is quite decent in the morning.
There are many side lanes branching off Bangla Road. This side lane with many bars and nightclubs was still sleeping at 10.30am.
 A small handful along the main road was already seen boozing though.
Bangla Road at 5pm. 
There seemed to be a lot more activities in the evening.
An eye-catching bar and entertainment outlet you can never miss.
Bangla Road at 6pm
Patrons at the bar seen chatting and boozing away. Most bar patrons are the Whites.
Bangla Road is closed to traffic after 6pm and it becomes a pedestrian street.
A policeman was seen chaining up a motorbike which defied the "no parking" rule.
Bangla Road at 9.30pm
Sexy girls soliciting for customers. Quite a number of men too were assigned to solicit customers for "sexy shows" but they would quickly leave you alone if you decline.
The place got wild and raunchy as bar girls  swing into action with their seductive motion.
These activities were clearly visible from the road. 
 It got thunderous and the eardrums started to hurt as live band music from so many bars traveled and clashed in space.
Ocean Plaza departmental store located at the middle part of Bangla Road was almost deserted as attention was obviously focused somewhere else.

The boozing and partying continued into the wee hours of the morning. The sound could even be heard from the 13th floor of Patong Tower Condominium where I stayed, albeit faintly.

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