Sunday, 9 June 2013

Phuket Travel Part 11: A Visit To Phuket Old Town - The Unfinished Heritage Trail.

My greatest regret about this visit is, I failed to complete a heritage trail which I had planned prior to my coming here. Should I put the blame on my city guide cum driver who was not competent in English and who failed to understand what I wanted?? "Where is Krabi Road?", I asked him. He said he did not know where that is. Probably he only knew the Thai translation of Krabi Road? I had wanted my heritage trail to start from Krabi Road where I could see Phra Phitak Chyn Pracha Mansion and then slowly move on to the other heritage buildings along the way. "Where is On-On Hotel?"  That is the first hotel ever built in Phuket. To my disappointment he said he did not know where On-On Hotel is? No words could express my frustration so I told him to just drop us at Thalang Road to walk around. It was humid but mad dogs and Englishmen walked and walked under the hot midday sun. 
This is Thalang Road where we started our walk. The sweltering heat was unbearable and these were the only places we managed to see.
A shop more than a century old.
Phuket Town is mostly inhabited by Chinese so it carries with it a lot of Chinese traits.
Soi Romanee used to be the red light district of Phuket.
The buildings on Soi Romanee has been given a complete makeover.
I managed to see Surin Clock Tower.
At least the driver knew where the post office is.

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