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Phuket Travel Part 10: Eating Out In Phuket

We often search for food based on people's reviews but then again we need to know who are those making the reviews. If a fellow Malaysian says the food is cheap it probably is but if a Japanese or British says the food is cheap, it may not be that cheap as these people live in countries where the cost of living is much higher. 
If a Singaporean says the curry is nice it probably is as we south-east Asians have similar taste buds but it may not be so if the review is done by Europeans or Australians.
I patronized some of these restaurants based on tripadvisor reviews but didn't really enjoy my meals there.
One of them is Sea Hag Restaurant (click to view) at Soi Dr Wattana. I find the food expensive too.
Another restaurant is The Orchids, which is just next door to Sea Hag. The food is fair-priced (& without the 10% tax charged by Sea Hag) but taste wise, very ordinary.
Pineapple rice at The Orchids costs 130 baht and it was quite bland. Ice lemon Tea is 60 baht. Iced Coffee is 70 baht.
Seafood Tom Yam soup at The Orchids is 140 baht and tasted very ordinary.
A popular tourist eating place may not necessary serve great tasting food but may probably come with an expensive menu tag so it's good to explore and discover for yourselves while you are in Phuket.  
If you are staying in Patong Beach, it is cheaper to eat at restaurants along Patong Tower Condominium Road.
This is a sample menu with pricing of a restaurant at PTC Road.
This is the menu and pricing of another restaurant in Patong Tower Condominium  Road.
This plate of fried rice is tasty and cheap. It costs only 60 baht.
This is Sweet Restaurant at Patong Tower Condominium Road.
Sweet Restaurant offers cheap food in a nice ambience.
Mixed Beef, Chicken and Pork Massaman Curry is 95baht. Was OK but not excellent.
Tom Kha Kai is only 90 baht. Was OK but not excellent too.
Sticky rice with mango and coconut cream is 50 baht. 
I also dined at Phong Phang Seafood Restaurant which is remotely located in Chalong. (Very far from Patong Beach)
Phong Phang is located by the seaside.
I was hoping the seafood here is unforgettable as they were very fresh (as most were alive).
Blue Crab.
Steamed fish.
Seafood Tom Yam.
Mixed Vegetables.
I do not know the cost of this meal as it comes as a package with my city tour. The seafood is fresh but the dishes were too oily so I wouldn't rate this meal as excellent too. Maybe my standard is too high.

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