Wednesday 5 June 2013

Phuket Travel Part 4: A Visit To Banzaan Fresh Market

Banzaan Fresh Market is different from the wet markets I've visited in other parts of Thailand. This market is very organised and its cleanliness, quite impressive.
Banzaan Market is just a 10-12 minutes walk from where I stayed. The building consists of 3 floors. The ground floor is where you find fresh market produce. On the 1st floor are some apparel stalls and a food court. The basement floor is the parking floor. On the outer part of the building are small shops selling a variety of goods.
There is conflicting information about the address of Banzaan Market. Some says it's on Rat-U Thit Pee Road, some says it's on Nanai Road and some says it's on Sai Kor Road. The best landmark is Jungceylon Shopping Mall as it is just behind the mall.
 A cute little shrine is built just in front of the market.
I was walking around the market to see what's unique here.
Most of the fruits and vegetables sold here are also available back home in Malaysia.
Even this is commonly seen at home.
The seafood section is the most impressive.
I finally found something I haven't seen before. 
It's this shell fish with flesh that looks like zebra stripes.I wonder how it tastes like?
You can find lobsters in some hi-end seafood restaurant in Malaysia, but usually not at the market.
Even live lobsters are sold here. Because it guarantees freshness it costs much more than the dead ones.
Cooked food are also sold in the market.
There is a stall selling all types of sweet desserts.
Generally the Thais have a sweet tooth. Nice to look at but a no-no for me.
Right in the centre is the beverage kiosk, selling hot and cold drinks.
 This is the basement floor.
The food court is located on the first floor.
Buy your seafood downstairs and get it cooked here, but of course for a fee.
Stalls selling apparel, etc occupy the other half of this floor.

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