Saturday 15 June 2013

Phuket Travel Part 15: Tourist Shops

Like it or not you will be brought to "tourist" shops if you book a tour with travel agents. And this is irregardless of whether you are touring Phuket, London, China or anywhere else. I do not know whether it is a mandatory rule set by the respective government or whether they profit by getting a commission out of your purchase but if you are just window shopping it shouldn't  hurt anyway.
The first tourist shop we visited was Pornthip, a shop selling all types of local food products.
Not many locals come here to shop as the products are exhorbitantly priced.
A cardboard model of Phuket Town (which boasts of heritage buildings of Sino-Portuguese architecture) is displayed in the shop.
There is a section where products are packed in this Sino-Portuguese packaging. They are nice to look at but not easy to be checked-in at the airport as they are made of cardboard. You can also expect the price to be mugged up a few hundred percent.
The second was a pearl company.
This lady took pains to explain the process of culturing pearls. It was at least an educational visit.
Next we visited the T-shirt shop and factory. These T-shirts are 100% cotton and are fair-priced.
This shop not only sell T-shirts, they have a variety of other products and souvenirs.
The last shop we visited sells bird's nest. 
I found this shop most boring.

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