Thursday 6 June 2013

Phuket Travel Part 5: Savouring The Street Food Of Patong.

Sometimes it is interesting to see what the locals eat. One of the places where street vendors congregate to display and sell their cuisines is the Banzaan Market area. After 6pm these hawkers were seen pushing their carts and setting up tents outside the market; to be exact, at the parking area in front and on the left hand side of the market. This seems to be a daily affair too.
While some may look familiar, some are really unique and authentic.
This stall sells a variety of fried and barbecued fish.
All types of spicy condiment.
I have never seen such tiny pineapples.
Various types of Thai salads (aka kerabu in Malaysia)
Fragrant Thai curries to die for.
Coconut pancakes.
I love these pancakes so much I came back two nights in a row to eat them.
Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, I'll make another trip to Phuket just to savour this. By the way this cost 20 baht. (RM2)
At 20 baht each this larger version of coconut pancake is a tad too sweet for my liking.
Actually, I'm supposed to avoid street food while travelling, but thinking of the loss if I do not try them, I broke my own rule.
Authentic Thai vegetarian soup at 50 baht per bowl.
The pork satay at 15 baht per stick  was nice but the ball-like sausages tasted weird.
Fried vermicelli and noodles. Each packet comes with dried chilli flakes and a small sachet of vinegar. 
This is my favourite. The sticky rice with mango and coconut cream cost 30 baht per packet. I ate all these and had stomach upset the next day but no regrets as I've counted the cost.
A fruit stall outside a tourist shop.
A noodle stall at Bangla Road.
A street vendor selling pre-packed dishes and rice at Patong Beach.

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Jane said...

Brilliant post! My mouth is watering now! Phuket is full of hand-to-mouth local food. I can't remember how many foods I tried in this pretty country but I'm sure these food is one the best thing for all of us to try. You have an overview of what to eat in Phuket and now this is my list of must try food in Phuket

Lily... said...

I just peeped at your suggested website. Great photos and very tempting food!.

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