Friday 31 July 2015

A Pleasant San Marino Hotel

We arrived at Grand Hotel Primavera just in time for dinner. As we alighted from the bus, I looked around curiously. Other than the few cars parked at the hotel ground  hardly any other vehicles passed through Via Luigi Cibrario, the street where the hotel is located. There were some residential houses on neighbouring roads but not a single person was sighted. In the distance I could see, albeit vaguely the castles and towers perched on the hilltop town of San Marino. This place was wonderfully serene.
We were going to dine and stay in the hotel but checking-in could wait. Since it was late, we made our way to the hotel restaurant through an entrance that opens to the outside, bypassing the reception lobby of the hotel.
I like the ambiance of the restaurant, named Gourmet. Tables and chairs were exquisitely set with crisp damask linen and I was eager to taste my first ever San Marino meal.
The first course was gnocchetti,  a small ball-like pasta which I have never eaten before. Somehow my preference is for something more chewy like the macaroni or shell pastas. The gnocchetti was too soft but  I finished it nevertheless. The main course was roasted chicken and potatoes which though not unique was delectable enough. The portion was however too big for a small eater like me. The last was a creamy mousse dessert which was sweet and smooth. 
We checked-into our room after dinner. The key chain was one of the nicest I have seen in any hotel.
This hotel offers 3 types of room. Ours is the Elegant Room which I presume is the equivalent of Standard Room as termed in most other hotels. The room is small with a cozy feel. The bed is comfortable, the furnishing is generally pleasant with beautiful drapes to match.
Other than Wifi which is complimentary, all other items including bottled water are not free. Coffee and tea making facilities are also not available but I didn't seem to mind.
I love the bathroom. It is clean, white and spacious with ample space to put our things. The shower cubicle looks cute, toiletry packaging is nice and the water heater functions well. My only complaint about the room is the air-conditioner which wasn't cold enough.
I was up very early the next morning. I didn't have time to see much of the hotel the night before so I decided to walk around. 
I really liked what I saw. The hotel is generally well appointed. The lounges look glamorous with its classic Italian upholstered furniture. The bar looks very contemporary and inviting. The reception area looks nice and elegant. Hallways are decorated with lovely paintings and ceilings with attractive chandeliers and lamps.

I decided to take a morning walk outside as it is not an everyday affair that I get to feel the crisp mountain air. 
Sprightly red awnings and pretty flower beds by the window sills exude a simplistic charm about the entire place.
I found myself looking forward to breakfast hoping the hotel will cook up an interesting array of food.
I am glad the hotel did not disappoint. There is a fair spread of breakfast cuisines. I was also pleasantly surprised by the varieties of tea, cereal, jam, fruit juices and coffee available. Take coffee for example, there's expresso, americano, cappuccino, mocca, latte machiato and a few other varieties to choose from. So I did enjoy my breakfast that morning.

There are other hotel facilities like the swimming pool and the spa which we didn't have the pleasure of utilizing as we had to check-out and move on. 

Grand Hotel Primavera
Via Luigi Cibrario 22/24,
Borgo Maggiore 47893
Repubblica Di San Marino

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